You Can Flat-out HAVE the Child's Best Interest Checklist to help position yourself to get what you want

(Yes, equal rights are a realistic possibility!)

If you're representing yourself in your custody case, your relationship with your kids is at risk. You may be facing the prospect of having your time with your kids cut down to only a couple of times a month. Or, you might be facing completely losing custody over them. Or, you might be worried that if the judge orders the kids to spend too much time with the other parent, they will be in danger of harm or even death.

This is IMPORTANT stuff!

The care and custody over your kids is WAY too important to go into court uninformed and unprepared. If you are representing yourself in your own custody case, you MUST know that when deciding what type of legal decision-making (legal custody) and parenting time (physical custody) arrangement to order, the court will always consider the "best interests" of the children.

Grab this FREE checklist to make sure you have an exhaustive list of factors you should consider in preparing and presenting your custody case.

In this checklist you will see how to:

  • Be prepared for almost anything that could "catch you off guard"
  • Position yourself for the outcome that you want using the best interest factors
  • Get your pressing questions about the best interests of your child answered without seeking legal counsel

If you are going to court alone, that doesn't mean you can't be prepared.

Download this free checklist now and help put yourself in the best possible position you can.