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21 Day Child Custody Challenge - $297

Do you find yourself binge-watching the Command the Courtroom YouTube channel only to STILL feel overwhelmed by all the information you are absorbing? 


Do you want to dive a little deeper than just watching videos?


Would you like the help of an experienced guide as you walk through the field of landmines?


Do you want a step-by-step plan that will help you get started towards building your best custody case?

If you answered "yes" to any of these, the 21 Day Child Custody Challenge is for you.

As part of this challenge, you will become an official LIFETIME Command the Courtroom member, AND you will gain the following:

1. Daily access to a prompt that gets you thinking about EACH STEP necessary to build the best case possible.

2.  Daily access to a strategic item designed to get you take ACTION to help yourself and your case.

3. A daily video in which I explain that day's prompt and call you to doing the work it requires to build the best case possible.

4.  Exclusive access to three training sessions, available only to those have joined, in which you will receive more firepower for your case. 

At the end of the 21 Day Child Custody Challenge, you will feel a sense of direction, clarity and, most importantly, relief!