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Trial Preparation Bootcamp - $197

Headed to court?

Don't know what to do once there?

Are you terrified that you will be paralyzed when it comes time for you to talk to the Judge?

You are right if you are thinking your child custody case is too important to leave to chance.

The antidote to your courtroom fear is knowledge, and with the Trial Prep Bootcamp, you can have access to the knowledge you need to present the best case you can.

During the Trial Prep Bootcamp, you will receive a crash course (two hours) in courtroom basics including:

-Trial Flow

-Opening Statements

-Direct Examination




-Witness Preparation

-Trial Organization

-And More!

If you're headed to court in your custody case, it's about more than just knowing about the child custody laws in your jurisdiction. 

You MUST know how the judge will run your trial.

Gain access to that knowledge by signing up for the Two Hour Trial Prep Bootcamp NOW.