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Command the Courtroom for Custody Cases - $1,497

Gain the TRIAL SKILLS YOU NEED to Present Your Case in the Courtroom

Do you know what you’re doing in the courtroom?

The stakes are too high to hope that you’ve got it dialed in. You’re betting on your children’s future. That’s too much to leave to hope or to chance.

In "Command the Courtroom for Custody Cases," you'll learn how to  present your case at trial.

Get the understanding you need to walk into the family law courtroom with confidence.


"Command the Courtroom for Custody Cases" consists of six self-paced video lessons, worksheet downloads for each lesson and my personal library of over 250 pages of sample legal requests, real life pre-trial statements, sample charts, templates and actual court decisions. 


Learn about the tools you can use to FORCE the other party to GIVE you the evidence you need to support your case:

  • Uniform Interrogatories
  • Non-Uniform Interrogatories
  • Requests for Production of Documents and Things
  • Requests for Admission
  • Depositions

Get inside information on what you actually need to do with that evidence (once you get your hands on it). 


You will learn how to present your story to the judge using the evidence you've gathered. 


Learn what cross-examination is and how you can get the judge to question the other party's credibility and evidence.  


 Learn the secret to getting your judge to look at your evidence at your trial.


Learn how you can block unwanted witness testimony or unwanted evidence from being admitted at trial.


Learn what to do during your last minute preparation so you can bring it on in the courtroom!


What Command the Courtroom Customers Have to Say:

"I just went to court and all your tips helped me in Illinois. I was pro se and was able to present a competent case."

- Josh W.

"I had a very difficult and long case, and Wendy handled it with the utmost professionalism, knowledge and dedication. Wendy and her staff were very responsive to me and my questions and responded to all necessary court requirements. In court, Wendy was fantastic as her long experience would suggest and demonstrated her clear understanding of family law, and she examined each witness to maximum effect. My case was very complicated, but due to Wendy's excellent representation I was given sole decision making and extremely fair parenting time. My outcome was much better than I expected, and I would recommend Wendy to anyone who is going through a divorce."

- Jason P.

"Just wanted to send the order over. I'm really happy. I got almost everything I wanted! Thank you for all your help with everything. :)"

- Ashley M.

"I want to say thank you. I just won a relocation case yesterday. My ex wanted to move the kids to her new hubby's house. I watch a bunch of videos from your page, many of which I reminded myself of during court. Primarily things like being fair in your demands and staying on the judge's good side. I'm not sure I'd of composed myself the same way without some of them, as this was very emotional for me and my girls. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

- Chris P.

"I am very grateful to your videos. I was in a very bad situation. I was doomed to accept some very difficult choices in my divorce and custody case. I was ill-advised that the judge will give preference to the mother, although I had good reasons to prove that she was not a fit mother to raise our little daughter when she was cohabitating with a registered sex offender, a convicted drug dealer and a habitual drunkard... I went to the trial representing myself, and I have done a lot better without [my old attorney].

Thank you and may God Bless you and your family."

- Y.A.