Brainstorm Child Custody Without an Attorney | CTC LIVE Replay

Mar 27, 2019

In case you missed it, here is a replay of a CTC Live I did on March 4th.  One thing I talked about  was who to listen to when you are trying to make decisions about your case.  When you are going through a custody case often times it is really confusing because first of all you haven’t been to law school, the law is confusing and there are different kinds of laws you have to be mindful of when you go to court.  I talk about some of these laws as well as answer some questions and comments from viewers.  

Please read legal disclaimer at the end of this post. 

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Viewer asks what sorts of questions her son should ask the mother at custody trial. Wendy discusses her Childs Best Interest Factors Checklist.

Wendy talks about the importance of the laws of procedure in your State when you are starting out on your custody case. These laws dictate timelines and deadlines, rules of procedure, when responses should be filed, the timing of when certain motions should be filed.

Who should you be listening to in your custody case? Every single divorce or custody case is different and the importance of listening to your attorney.

Viewer talks about one of the best tips she took from my videos was when I suggested going to see the judge in action and how they work during a case.

Question: How likely is it for a father to get unsupervised visitation when he's had problems with alcohol, drugs, no child support , suicidal PTSD depression and anxiety & no contact for 4 months.

Father felt judge was not listening to him as a father. He has custody order giving him right for son to stay overnight but ex is not following order.

Question: What do you do when the judge ignores family law statutes or even when you cite the law what do you do when the judge doesn't read your motion and won't address your concerns?

Question: Viewer says she was charged with domestic violence fourth degree in 2015 and it's been three years. Her daughter's father had daughter taken her with no court and now he filed for custody for my daughter lying in court.

Wendy talks about the power power of speaking the truth in your custody case.

Wendy talks about her Power and the Truth cards she created for people going through divorce or custody battle.

Going through a custody case is not a sprint, it is a marathon.

Question: How long does the typical custody/relocation cases last?

Question: What happens if you sent an offer to settle out of court and they don't accept it? Does the judge take into account if he's being unreasonable?

What advice do you have a for non-biological dad who's on the birth certificate and raised his son for two years but now mom wants to remove the non bio dad for no reason no
criminal background just out of nowhere?

Question: If I move within my 50-mile parameter and the father of my kids cannot keep up with his visitation time, can he take me to court to force me to move closer?

Wendy discusses breastfeeding when you have custody of a child.

Dad alienated child from Mom for 2 weeks.

Dad's child who is 12 has always wanted to live with him but judge forced child to live with Mom. Wendy talks about childs best interest factors.

How can I fight a mother who makes two times my salary and has a lawyer?

Wendy talks about why she started Command the Courtroom for those people who were going through child custody without a lawyer.

Viewer says in spite of hiring an attorney he did not get what he wanted in his custody case. Wendy talks about the unpredictability of judges and how it is best if you can settle your case outside of court when possible.

Question: Have you ever been involved in a parental alienation syndrome case and if so, what was the outcome & how was it proven? Wendy talks about a case involving a mother.


*Legal Disclaimer:


Attorney Disclaimer:  Just because you're watching this live stream does not mean that we have an attorney-client privilege.  You need to meet with an attorney and sign an agreement entering into a retainer agreement before there's a attorney client privilege.   You need to know that any communication that we have on this live stream is not confidential theoretically. If your ex is also on the live stream and you know they could get information from the live stream as well if the end of.  The live stream is for educational purposes and informational purposes.  I am NOT your attorney and the information that I give you and what comes of it really depends on your case and your circumstances and what you choose to do with it.  I want to make it really clear that my aim is to educate and inform you and help you feel more confident and competent.  I want to share my information with you and I wish I could be the attorney for all of you but I can't.  I'm only licensed in Arizona so keep in mind that wherever you are, I don't know the laws of any jurisdiction except for Arizona.  I do know what the child's best interests are and that's what the court looks at and making decisions about custody and parenting time. 

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