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Equal Parenting Rights When Other Parent Has Been the Primary Caretaker of the Child

Today I want to talk with you about an argument that comes up a lot in child custody cases especially when parties have been living together and sharing child custody for a significant period of time.

What I often hear is that one parent or the other was the primary caretaker of the kids and that the other parent really wasn't all that involved in their school, or extracurricular activities or maybe taking them to the doctor. So the argument that the parent who says they were the primary caretaker is that they should continue to be the primary caretaker because the children are used to them being around all the time.

The person who was not involved as much in the children's day to day life is now saying, that that is not really fair because circumstances have changed. I'm not in a position where I'm going to come home every night to see the kids even though I'm not the one giving them the nightly baths or doing the nightly homework.

So, I do want equal parenting time and more time...