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Child Custody Orders Are Never Really Permanent Orders

Over the past couple of months I’ve had some clients that have been handed some really tough custody/decision making and parenting time results after trial. Unfortunately for these clients the kids are pretty young and they feel hopeless like they are never going to get to the point where they want to be with their children.

One thing I want to talk to you about is the fact that custody orders are never really permanent orders. Again, if and when there is a change in circumstances in you or your child's lives, either party can ask the judge to modify that custody and or parenting time order that is in effect.

I’ve talked about the different kinds of things that can constitute a change in circumstances in some of my other videos but I’ll mention them again here. If many years pass and say your child was one year old at the time the original custody order was entered and now your child is 4, 5 or 6, age may be one of the factors that a judge looks at. It’s...