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The Top 3 Must-Dos For Your Custody Case

My daughter like a lot of kids is doing online school right now and it is an adjustment for everybody.   It's an adjustment for her and it's an adjustment for us the parents.   The way that her school is doing virtual learning is via Google Classroom which is great, however, we didn't realize there is a tab in google classroom that tells our daughter all of her to-do's.

I just happened to be looking at the google classroom and randomly clicked on the to-do's and found that there were seven or eight assignments that had been assigned that she hadn't done. Apparently,  she hadn't realized that she hadn't done them so we spent the next two and a half hours doing assignments from throughout the week.

 So my husband and I have just been talking to her about the importance of having a methodical way of knowing your deadlines and knowing what you have to do.   This starts hopefully at nine years old because by the time you get to the point...