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Is it Possible to Recover While Co-Parenting With a Narcissist?

This is a replay of my amazing interview with Yitz Epstein from the Narcissism Recovery Podcast. Chances are that if you've removed yourself from the toxic relationship with your narcissistic ex, you are in recovery. Is it possible to fully recover from that relationship when you're forced to continue to "co-parent" with your abusive ex? What are the tools you need to keep your boundaries sacred, keep yourself "safe" and heal your heart?

What you will learn about Narcissism:

  • Is it possible to recover from narcissistic abuse and if so how does someone even start that process?
  • Can a narcissist be healed?
  • How can somebody continue on this path of healing when they are closely involved with the abuser because they share children in common?
  • If somebody hasn't gone within and tried to heal their wounds, will they be attracted to one narcissist or abusive relationship after another?
  • If someone has suffered years of abuse from a narcissist, where do they even start?
  • What is the first step...

Custody Battle with a Narcissist: How to Fight and Protect Your Child

When the other parent in your custody case has a narcissistic personality disorder, it can result in a toxic battle. Alex Falconi aka the Proper Person went through a custody battle with his ex-wife who he says has a narcissistic personality disorder.  Below is what he had to say about dealing with someone with a narcissistic personality disorder in a custody battle. 

Somebody with Narcissistic Personality Disorder will either attach themselves to a conflict or they'll avoid conflict.  Most of the time narcissists avoid conflicts.  Most of the time it's preferable to a narcissist to just cut someone off instead of engaging in an argument and conflict.  But once they choose that they're going to fight it ends up becoming what is called a “narcissistic space” for them.   Then they start to garner narcissistic supply for it and from it and then it becomes an addiction.

Why You Must "Annihilate" the Narcissist

Underneath the hood,...