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Can a Judge Modify a Child Custody Order in the Future?

Uncategorized Apr 17, 2017

This week’s video answers the question if it’s possible for a judge to modify the initial finding of a child custody order.

This was a question that I got from one of my viewers and in her question to me she was wondering whether it's possible once the judge has made a final order about custody that at some point in the future that judge or another judge can go in and modify the initial finding for custody?

Let me explain that a little more specifically. Say you were in court a couple of years ago and the judge awarded either you or the other party sole decision making over your children. It is possible that years down the road one parent or the other can go back to court asking the court to modify that decision.

It could involve modifying the arrangement to joint decision-making and the same applies to parenting time schedules. In a case a judge may make a parenting time schedule where one parent is getting every other weekend for example years down the road it is possible that the other parent might be given something more along the lines of equal parenting time.