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Mar 24, 2019

In this replay of COMMAND THE COURTROOM LIVE family law attorney Wendy Hernandez talks about dealing with controlling stepparents, how to prepare for divorce or custody mediation, relocation and answers some viewer's questions.   

(Show Notes are below)

0:07 - Attorney Disclaimer: Just because you're watching this live stream does not mean that we have an attorney-client privilege. You need to meet with an attorney and sign an agreement entering into a retainer agreement before there's a attorney client privilege. You need to know that any communication that we have on this live stream is not confidential theoretically. If your ex is also on the live stream and you know they could get information from the live stream as well if the end of. The live stream is for educational purposes and informational purposes. I am NOT your attorney and the information that I give you and what comes of it really depends on your case and your circumstances and what you choose to do with it. I want to make it really clear that my aim is to educate and inform you and help you feel more confident and competent. I want to share my information with you and I wish I could be the attorney for all of you but I can't. I'm only licensed in Arizona so keep in mind that wherever you are, I don't know the laws of any jurisdiction except for Arizona. I do know what the child's best interests are and that's what the court looks at and making decisions about custody and parenting time.

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Show Notes:

1:26 Child's Best Interest Checklist

1:47 - Controlling Stepparents
4:05 - Example 2 of controlling stepparent
5:05 - Example 3 of controlling stepparent
8:08 - Importance of documentation when you have a controlling stepparent
13:14 - If one of the parents believes the other parent has a mental disorder and needs to be evaluated. Can judge order?
16:25 - Step Mom telling child she has "two moms"

19:24 - Mediation and How to Prepare

25:04 - Q - if my child's receiving therapy at school but his father doesn't know can that go again

27:25 - Q - do courts look down on a single parent versus the other parent having a two-person home?

28:50 - Q - how do I do this when I represent myself due to financial difficulties

30:08 - Wendy talks about the 21-Day Child-Custody Challenge

31:14 - Q - what if you have a parent who's taking your child to appointments without your knowledge

33:11 - when parties go their separate ways and they share children, getting used to not seeing your children every day like you are used to

34:41 - Q - went to mediation that was lawyer assisted his wife showed up & was a complete waste of time

36:34 - Q - what can we do about parenting time when mom's wife stayed after husband abuse a child

37:20 - Wendy talks about "good faith basis" when making accusations

38:07 - Wendy talks about relocation and international relocation

45:20 - Q - amending parenting time

49:29 Q - I'm an adoptive dad how do I approach this when mediation does not work visitation is now at zero

51:37 - Q if a step-mom work it has an extraordinary lifestyle $7,000 plus rental home new BMWs prestigious hobbies private school can the court pull stepparents income

53:27 - Q- after multiple great supervised visits if my son doesn't want to see me as soon as we get the visitation report how will this affect my trial next month

55:16 - Wendy talks about "therapeutic intervention"

57:11 Q- How to form a pre-trial statement

59:13 - emotional and verbal abuse vs physical abuse

60:33 - Wendy talks about using text messages as evidence and the best way to present to judge

61:50 Q - how do you document when kids make serious complaint? I fear making recordings.

63:41 - Q - what do you do when the stepmom talks crap about me

66:35 - Wendy talks about her "the power of the truth" cards she has created & that will be on sale soon

68:28 - Wendy gives parting advice

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