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How NOT to Make the Judge Angry in Your Family Law Case

In todays video I’m going to talk about how to prevent the judge in your custody or family law case from getting really angry at you. Or if the judge is on your side, how to make sure you keep him or her on your side.

The main thing you can do this is to be reasonable in what you are asking for. Deciding what is reasonable is, I know, sometimes hard to gauge because this is your life, this is your children, etc.

When you're really biased it's hard to see the other side it's hard to see the other side as being reasonable but to the best of your ability when you're going through a case when it comes to whatever request that you're making or whatever position you're taking
I think that you should always put your self in the position of the judge. The judge is ultimately is the most important person in your case.

I recently had a couple of different cases where a judge thought that my clients positions are unreasonable and in one case my client didn't see where his position was unreasonable and the judge actually punished him pretty severely.

In one case we had a temporary orders hearing and it was like in November of 2015 and as a result of the temporary orders hearing our judge ordered my client to be responsible for paying the car payment on the family vehicle as well as the car insurance on the family vehicle until the time the final hearing came around. so what happened was soon as we were waiting for the final hearing the car tags came due on the family vehicle and my client wanted his soon then soon-to-be ex-wife to pay half the tags she didn't have a job she wasn't working she didn't have full-time access to a vehicle because they were sharing one vehicle and he worked full time so she that she pay for half the tags.

So ultimately my clients decided not to pay for the tags even though he had been ordered to pay for all other expenses related to that vehicle. The judge got really upset with him at the final trial because he didn't pay for the registration on that car and he was the one that was earning the money and he had the means to do so and the judge punished him in and this the fact that he didn't pay for the tags came up at least three times in the final minute entry in the judge really let my client have it in other areas.

The judge thought the tags were a big thing in this case she brought it up over and over and over again that he was unreasonable his conduct of not just simply paying for the tags was unreasonable by the way she also said that the wife's conduct of not responding to my clients request to pay the tags was also unreasonable. So that's one example of of how things can go really bad if in the judges eyes you're being unreasonable

The worst part in that case is however that my client has been ordered to pay a portion of the now ex-wife's attorneys fees and costs and is due in part to judges perception of my clients and reasonableness.

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