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How to Prove Domestic Violence in Your Child Custody Case

trial preparation Apr 12, 2017

If you are in a child custody battle and domestic violence is an issue, these are 4 ways to prepare for your child custody hearing without an attorney or lawyer.

Domestic violence is something a judge takes very seriously in child custody cases, thus it is crucial that you are ready to answer these 4 questions for the judge before your court date.

Winning child custody when domestic violence is taking place is crucial to both the parent who is receiving the violence and in of course, the best interest of the child.

Here are 4 things that you should ask yourself and if you find your answers prove domestic violence the court needs to know when you attend your hearing.

1. Did the child ever witness the domestic violence?

2. Can you provide documentation of the abuse?

It is very important to provide any documents you can to the judge.

Examples of documents could include police reports, restraining orders, and court papers if there was a conviction for domestic violence

3. How has the domestic violence affected the child?

4. Is the safety of child in danger?

Family Law cases are often difficult because of the law, the facts and the emotions of the case. When children are concerned, the level of difficulty rises considerably. Neither the Clerks nor the Judges can answer legal questions on how to proceed. They cannot tell you what to do with your case. If you choose to represent yourself, be aware that you are solely responsible for your own advice and decisions. You are your own attorney and must act accordingly.