How to Save Money When You Have a Divorce Attorney | CTC Live

Mar 26, 2019

Wendy Hernandez, family law attorney talked on a number of topics including what to look at when choosing a divorce attorney & how to save money when you do have an attorney.

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Legal Disclaimer from Wendy Hernandez
The fact that we are on this live stream doesn't mean that an attorney-client relationship has been made. In order to have an attorney-client relationship, you have to retain an attorney and sign a contract with them. Then you will have a privileged and confidential relationship. Everything that's in this video is public knowledge and I'm not your attorney. If you have questions, my answers might be different than the laws in your jurisdiction. I try to stay general and address the best interest of the children in addressing general divorce law and general family law questions but there may be differences wherever you are.

Question from a woman who took her 11-yr old son in to try to get an order of protection against the father and the son testified and said on the stand and actually said I don't want to be with my dad and the judge declined to grant the order of protection. because the judge didn't find that the son was in imminent danger.

Wendy goes over Orders of Protection in Custody Cases

Question: Can you share resources for dependent spouses when Ex spouse is not paying support and I'm not making enough money at my job.

Wendy talks about how to deal with anxiety, stress and feeling overwhelmed and powerless

Wendy addresses question where woman's ex-husband or her ex-partner was not turning over the kids when he was supposed to be doing that and should she call the police?

Wendy explains what a Quadro is. (Domestic relations order)

Question from viewer: How can you help in a mediated dispute resolution conference to come to a resolution when the other party is stubborn and does not want you to see the children at all?

Question: Can ex-husband be able to claim our daughter on his taxes if she doesn't live with him?

Woman says the father of my children are alienating her kids from her and she had physical custody of my babies and Commissioner removed them.

Wendy gives tips for saving money if you have hired a divorce attorney.

Question: Can you get certified copies with the parenting plans that have been court ordered in your case?

Wendy talks about the Dad's Surviving Divorce YouTube channel.

Question: My ex had mental evaluations before a relationship where she was found to be borderline personality disorder. How do I get my hands on her old files to show the judge in family court?

Wendy discusses HIPPA releases

Wendy talks about the importance of both parents being in the child's live if they are both mentally fit.

Question: My 12 yr old son is claiming that he doesn't want to see me and this has been over 15 months now. How will this affect my trial next month?

How would you recommend someone interview or select an attorney to make sure they will be able to take care of you?

A viewer says she wants to go to law school out of state and wants to keep her child with her.

How difficult is it for a father to win a custody battle against a third party parent?

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Wendy reads from one of her "Divorce Cards" about fear

Question: My ex is trying to relocate & her attorney pushed for pretrial by April 5th. I have 28 days to file my answer from today.

Viewer says he has to fire his attorney.

Question: Does filing for bankruptcy look bad at custody trial or affect your chances?

Closing comments from Wendy

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