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If You Are Facing Obstacles in Your Custody Case Think Outside the Box

Uncategorized Aug 18, 2017

In this video I talk about tapping into your creativity to overcome obstacles in your case.

As you go into your family law case don't forget to tap into your inner creativity. I believe all of us are artists whether you paint or draw pictures or a mechanic that works on cars, or someone who likes to cook in the kitchen or help your child color.

Because we are all artists we are born with this creativity that we can choose to tap into it or not. There are a lot of chances and opportunities in your family case to tap into your creativity.

This is an example I want to give and I've talked about this case in other videos as well. In this case my client who was the father, their child went missing for a period of 3-weeks. We jumped through all kinds of hoops to get the child and get the judge to order the mom to remand the child to my client's custody. There were a lot of setbacks along the way, my client didn't give up on me and I didn't give up either.

But one of the obstacles we had to overcome was after the judge had finally signed the order we wanted, we needed to get certified copies before law enforcement would actually execute the order. Meaning that we needed to get copy from the clerk of the court that said the copy was a true and correct copy of the original that the judge had signed.

There was some sort of misunderstanding or miscommunication and the judge's clerk did not get us the certified copies as we had expected. What ending up happening is she sent these copies down to get filed and docketed in the system. But the orders got lost in the massive orders that come into that main office. They could not be found.

And this was an order that needed to be acted upon immediately because we had private investigators involved, we thought we had located the child and the mother was a flight risk. There were a lot of time sensitive things going on and we needed the order.

We had a runner go down to the court and beg the clerk to allow him to look with her to look through piles of orders trying to find the order we needed. It felt like we kept running into brick walls everywhere. And I am so fortunate because I have a brilliant paralegal. And she came up with the idea that maybe we should ask the judge, on an emergency basis to sign a duplicate order.

And this seemed like common sense and it never occurred to me and it didn't occur to my paralegal for about a day. It did take some time because we had to file an emergency motion and submit with emergency orders. We had to do some things and work and it took some time to do.

But we got what we wanted. And thank God for my client because he and the private investigator found his child and has his child now. Had it not been for that we would have been waiting for days or weeks for this order to be found. And up until this point this order has never been found.

So I am grateful to my paralegal because she calmed down enough to think of different alternatives. She thought outside of the box and she got creative.

And you can do the same. When the answers you have been coming up with have not been working in your case. Try to think about it in a different way.