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Letting Things Go (On Your Own Terms) in Your Custody Case

Uncategorized Feb 23, 2018

My little girl is going to be seven years old next month.  I can't believe it and time is flying and I'm trying to figure out a way that I can squeeze the most out of every day with her.  But that's a whole other topic!  Last night my husband,  my daughter and I were talking about her seventh birthday party.   For all the years that she's been alive to this point we've always had her birthday party at our house.   We've invited family over and there's been lots of family and last year there was a bunch of kids. 

We had a Piñata and cake and food and it was a huge thing.  This year I thought that it would be fun to have the party at a pool and the reason is because one of my brother's friends is actually a beautiful mermaid who does tricks in the pool.   While my daughter still kind of believes and magic and fairy tales and mermaids and unicorns I thought it would be cool to do something a little different.   So she got really excited about having a mermaid at her party and so I booked the mermaid and the mermaid is going to come with a parent.

It’s going to be really fun and I reserved the pool that's heated.   So I was telling my daughter about it last night and then I don't know why but she started crying and she got really upset because she realized that her birthday party wasn't going to be at our house like it's always been. She was telling us that the party's always at her house it's not going to be at her house she's going to miss her house.  But she didn't seem to grasp that if she wanted to have the mermaid party, we needed to have it somewhere where there's a pool.   Because we don't have a pool and she really wants a mermaid party yet she doesn't want to let go over her house. 

So my husband and I talked to her about being open to new experiences and embracing the Opera two DS four things that are really fun and exciting and different and cool.  So I think we got her there and the whole point of this is I want you to ask yourself in your life and in your case how can you apply this principle of being open to new opportunities even if it means a letting go of something that you're used to or that you're accustomed to?   It could be something that your kids are used to or that your family's used to or it’s a tradition.  It's hard to let go of things especially when they've been a part of our lives for so long and it can be hard and it can cause grief it can cause pain.  

But sometimes when you're in the midst of a custody case you're forced to let go of something.   Are you going to let go of these things on your own terms or are you going to make a judge force you to let go of these things?   Think about the what if you let go of something that you're used to having in your life but it's opening the door to something even better?  I always think that in every tragedy or event that seems like it's a bad thing there's opportunity for something even better.   So in your case and in your life ask yourself.  If I get out of my own way and I'm open to something new and different, is there something better out there for me?