Mastering Solo Parenting After a Child Custody Battle: Essential Tips for Success

Mar 26, 2024

Dr. Samie is the founder and creator of Our Days Calendar and has a powerful story to share that will help you if you're going through a divorce with children. Tune into this series to find out more about how Samie's successful journey through the court system to an amazing relationship with his son and a successful co-parenting relationship with his ex. Give this video a "thumbs up" if you found it helpful!

If you’ve just gone through a child custody case, you may be wondering if it is possible to master parenting and child custody after divorce. The good news is that you can! Most people focus on how to get custody, how to get child custody, child custody for fathers or mothers, and how to get full custody as a father or mother. One thing you should think about in considering how to prepare for divorce and/or how to prepare yourself for divorce is what comes after the case has finished. This interview should be a tool in your divorce survival guide. Dr. Samie successfully navigated a child custody battle after more than one child custody hearing. Let him serve as a divorce guide if you need divorce help. Dr. Samie came out the other side of his case not only learning how to get child custody as a father, but also how to be a present single parent. The best thing is that Samie has an amazing relationship with his son today. He and his ex successfully co-parent with one another. The child custody trial process is difficult, and if you’re wondering how to win child custody for fathers or mothers, watch Command the Courtroom’s other episodes with Dr. Samie where he shares the ups and downs of his journey through the child custody trial process, including a JURY trial. Child custody cases are hard, but you can not only survive, but you and your children can thrive! Don’t be afraid to ask for divorce help or help in your child custody cases!

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