Parenting Time Agreement and Visitation Schedule

Apr 11, 2017

Train your mind to think & your mouth to speak when you go into court for your child custody decision making or parenting time hearing.

How to prepare for a child custody hearing is crucial when you are in a custody battle. If a mother and father have joint custody they must appear in court and the judge must rule on a parenting time schedule and calendar. Last week I was in court representing my client who was the mother in a hotly contested divorce & custody case regarding parenting time for 2 young children.

In preparing her case in the 2 weeks leading up to the hearing, I conditioned the Mother to think in terms of what is best for the children. The mother and father were trying to put together a parenting time schedule and each presented their own schedule. What I stressed to my client is that she needed to create a schedule that worked best for her children and not herself.

So instead of testifying how her proposed schedule was good because it worked around her ‘work’ schedule she spoke about why the schedule was best for her children.

In contrast the father in the case only spoke about what was convenient for him, that worked around his work schedule. It was all about him.

When asking a judge to rule in your case you must remember that is not about you.

When you are at a custody trial and in the courtroom it is all about the children. Whatever you say, present or propose must always been in the best interest of the children. The judge will rule on what creates the most consistency and stability for the children.

So you should train your mind to make this about the children and give testimony and the reasons why the schedule you are proposing will create the most consistency and stability for the children.

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