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Prepare EARLY for your Family Court Hearing

trial preparation Apr 17, 2017

In this video I talk about my experience with my daughter's bout with hand, foot & mouth disease how it relates to preparing for your family law case. 

I recently had a very exhausting weekend. As you some of you may know from my videos, I have a 5-year old daughter. Well one night she could not sleep so I stayed up with her all night. The next day when her father picked her up from school she was crying.

That night she still could not sleep and was complaining of her feet itching. I tried everything to relieve her pain, cold rags, hydrocortisone cream, Benadryl…but to no avail.

I started looking on the internet and could not find anything. She then developed sores on the palms of her hands and sores by her mouth.

I did more research and found out that she had what is called Foot, Hand, Mouth disease which is common in preschoolers. I found out it is not a serious disease but it is very viral. It has to run it’s course, the sores need to heal and then she can go back to school. However, I was still worried sick about her.

I then thought to myself it would have been nice if someone from the school had let parents know that this was going around. Perhaps the school did not know about it but I do know that if I had been prepared for the chance my daughter may get it, I could have been less stressed and been able to comfort my daughter more.

But because I was not prepared for what may happened and had no knowledge about the disease itself, I was just grabbing at straws trying to relieve her pain.

So how does this story relate to family law or custody case? Well if you are in a family law or custody case whether you have an attorney or representing yourself, you need to make it your business to be informed about what is coming up or about to happen and how to prepare for it. If you don’t you really can get blindsided and the consequences could be high. Like me, you could end up grasping for straws or trying to cram at the last minute for your court hearing.

The best time to get ready for your case is early on so that you can address any problems or if you know the other party is going to file in court. Many people make the mistake that they think they have time or the hearing is not till 3 or 4 months and before you know it it is 1 week or 3 days before the hearing and often times that can be too late.

So if you have a family law case, start getting ready as soon as possible. Start your research, gather your evidence early on and disclose your evidence early, start gathering the witnesses that will testify on your behalf and disclosing those witnesses to the other side.

Know your game plan! In your custody case know what the best interest factors are and identify which ones you are going to either use as strong evidence or which ones you may need to be prepared to defend.