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Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJEA)

I want to talk to you about child custody jurisdiction.  This has come up for me a couple times actually in the last week and it's a kind of an important topic.  If you haven’t heard of the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act you need to learn about it.  It is also known in the legal world as UCCJEA.   It's an act that governs jurisdiction of child custody disputes and as I understand it all states except for one state subscribe to the UCCJEA.   

This is actually something I just learned a couple of days ago because I was consulting with one of my Command the Courtroom viewers who happens to have a case in Arizona.   She lives in Boston but the case was originated in Arizona and apparently Massachusetts does not subscribe to the UCCJEA.   The UCCJEA governs how jurisdiction is established and generally speaking in order for jurisdiction to be established in a place you and your children notably actually...

Know The Difference Between Joint Custody & Equal Parenting Time

This comes up a lot in my practice.  People come in to see me and they tell me I want joint custody and I don't think that they realize there are two aspects to custody.  There is the legal aspect of custody and is there is the physical aspect of custody.

The legal aspect of custody relates to who's making major decisions about the children.  Normally major decisions relate to major decisions in the area of medicine education religion and personal care.  Personal care is kind of a newer thing that's come up and it relates to for example, are you going to let your kid get a tattoo or get a nose piercing or color their hair. Those are personal care decisions.   Custody relates to major decisions in those areas. Custody does not relate to that day-to-day everyday decisions that you make when the child is in your care.  For example, the kid comes over to see you and spend time with you and is feeling a little under the weather.   You want to...

Using Financial Affidavits as Tools in Divorce & Child Support Cases


I wanted to talk to you about using affidavits of financial information as a tool in court litigation. These are also called a financial affidavit.  In Arizona every case involving child support, spousal maintenance, attorneys fees or any financial issues in a family law case,  both parties are required to complete an affidavit of financial information.

 An affidavit of financial information is a form that basically asks tons of questions.  You have to lay out every single expense that you have and at least the one in Arizona is pretty comprehensive.  It asks for everything down to pet expenses, the amount that you use for cigarettes, alcohol, recreation, entertainment, newspapers and haircuts.   Not only do you have to fill out all of your expenses, you also have to fill all of your income from all sources.   This is helpful especially in cases involving child support.  Over the past week I had two cases and they both involved...

Important Preliminary Orders To Be Aware of In Custody Cases


I'm currently dealing with some issues in a divorce case where people aren't following the preliminary orders that have been issued and it's causing all kinds of issues.  This case doesn't involve custody of children but it really brought to mind the importance of knowing what preliminary orders are in your custody case.  Here are some important types of preliminary orders that can be issued and need to be followed in divorce and custody cases.

When you file paperwork especially when it’s an initial case, there are some orders that go into effect immediately.   In Arizona those orders are called preliminary injunctions and when it relates to children one of the preliminary injunctions are that if there's a divorce you can't take the children out of state.

Neither party can take the children out of state without written agreement or a prior court order.   If it's a paternity case where the parties weren't married and if there's a birth certificate...

Joint Custody Agreements (The Devil is in the Details)

Whether you have joint custody agreement or sole custody agreement, the information I'm going to give you is still going to help especially when drafting your parenting time agreement.

Alex "The Proper Person" Representing Yourself in Child Custody Cases


Alex Falconi is the creator of the YouTube channel “The Proper Person” and the website “Our Nevada Judges” and he is my guest today and we are going to be talking child custody and family law.

Alex went through a 8 year high conflict custody battle and divorce without an attorney for the most part while his ex had an attorney. In spite of that fact, he was able to get primary physical so legal custody after 6 years and then 2 years later had his ex wife’s parental rights terminated. He did this all on his own and it inspired him to create his YouTube channel “The Proper Person” to help others in the same situation.

Disclose Early and Often in Your Divorce or Custody Case


Remember, whatever side you're on, you have a duty to DISCLOSE the information you intend to use in support of your case. If you're appearing for a child support case, you have to disclose income info, insurance info, daycare info, etc. If you are fighting a child custody or parenting time case, you have to think about the information that will support your claims, gather the documentation and provide it to the other side.

Brainstorm Child Custody Without an Attorney | CTC LIVE Replay


In case you missed it, here is a replay of a CTC Live I did on March 4th.  One thing I talked about  was who to listen to when you are trying to make decisions about your case.  When you are going through a custody case often times it is really confusing because first of all you haven’t been to law school, the law is confusing and there are different kinds of laws you have to be mindful of when you go to court.  I talk about some of these laws as well as answer some questions and comments from viewers.  

Please read legal disclaimer at the end of this post. 

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Viewer asks what sorts of questions her son should ask the mother at custody trial. Wendy discusses her Childs Best Interest Factors Checklist.

Wendy talks about the importance of the laws of procedure in your State when you are starting out on your custody case. These laws...

How to Save Money When You Have a Divorce Attorney | CTC Live


Wendy Hernandez, family law attorney talked on a number of topics including what to look at when choosing a divorce attorney & how to save money when you do have an attorney.

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Legal Disclaimer from Wendy Hernandez
The fact that we are on this live stream doesn't mean that an attorney-client relationship has been made. In order to have an attorney-client relationship, you have to retain an attorney and sign a contract with them. Then you will have a privileged and confidential relationship. Everything that's in this video is public knowledge and I'm not your attorney. If you have questions, my answers might be different than the laws in your jurisdiction. I try to stay general and address the best interest of the children in addressing general divorce law and general family law questions but there may be differences wherever you are.

Question from a woman who...

Dealing With Controlling Stepparents | How to Prepare for Mediation | CTC LIVE

In this replay of COMMAND THE COURTROOM LIVE family law attorney Wendy Hernandez talks about dealing with controlling stepparents, how to prepare for divorce or custody mediation, relocation and answers some viewer's questions.   

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0:07 - Attorney Disclaimer: Just because you're watching this live stream does not mean that we have an attorney-client privilege. You need to meet with an attorney and sign an agreement entering into a retainer agreement before there's a attorney client privilege. You need to know that any communication that we have on this live stream is not confidential theoretically. If your ex is also on the live stream and you know they could get information from the live stream as well if the end of. The live stream is for educational purposes and informational purposes. I am NOT your attorney and the information that I give you and what comes of it really depends on your case and your circumstances and what you choose to...